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Comparing Lady Mary Wroth’s Sonnet 11 and Sonnet 19.

Click on the image of the Venn diagram like the one we used in class to compare both poems, and you will access the Google doc the class will build together. Each one of you should go in and write … Continue reading

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Hi all! As discussed yesterday, this is how grading of homework will work: – There will be a deadline. Not complying with the deadline but handing in later will result in 1 less point. – Not handing in at all … Continue reading

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“Games at Twilight Newscasts”

This is the blog with your videos: “Games at Twilight” Newscasts . You can watch all, of course, but do watch your own, to check the comments and see if you need to add anything.  

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Tone – Words you can use to describe it

In case you missed Pato’s FB post…

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Rubric 2 – Blog Participation

This rubric is for you to take into account when Pato or I ask you to write comments in our blogs, analysing a poem, short story, etc. You can also download it: Blog Participation Rubric

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