In our first approach to Ama Ata Aidoo’s play, you analysed the first two phases by discussing themes, gathering relevant quotations and analysing them.

Lucía, Epi, Agustín, Tomás, Juan and Joaco moved on onto the analysis of the complex phase three while other students were studying for IGCSE Biology. They even prepared activities for the rest to solve.

Last class, with the help of Lucía, Agustín, Tomás, Juan and Joaco as coordinators, you solved those activities, which we later discussed together.

Take a look at these activities before the term test. They will be of help!

A reference to the past: a comparison between Anowa and Nana


Anowa’s dream: a metaphor for her role as a woman


Anowa the girl and Anowa the adult compared


Differences and similarities between Anowa and the slave girl


Summary of the relationship between Anowa and Kofi


The end


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